Di.12-05: Expositie "Domesticated Landscape"

12 t/m 31 mei
Domesticated Landscape van Kim Wawer

Elke ruimte omvat meer dan het oog kan zien. Een ruimte bevat verschillende lagen van bestaan. Lagen gekoppeld aan functie en gebruik, geschiedenis en cultuur, erosie en groei. Het werk van Kim Wawer toont op speelse wijze de manier waarop wij bewegen in deze ruimtes, hoe we er verblijven en hoe onze interacties van invloed zijn op ons en op de ruimtes die we betreden.

Kim Wawer is beeldhouwer. Ze studeerde in 2014 af aan de Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

Over de installatie Domesticated landscape (2014):

Kim Wawer’s work always start with a space and ends with a space. She either finds spaces within the public space or within the mental space and flips them inside out. Mostly Spaces that are highly influenced by human beings and house the intimate characteristics of Being in its self.

Every space has more than meets the eye. A space contains different layers of existence; layers linked to function and usage, history and culture, erosion and growth. Her works playfully expose how we move in these spaces, how we rest within them and how these interactions affect us and the spaces we encounter.

Domesticated landscape is an installation that reflects on the natural world – not just any world, but a world in which our personal worlds meet in a communal plateau. It is a clear image that is colored by our subjective worlds, where our experiences come together in a projected landscape we see in front of us.

The installation is about the transition from the inside to the outside, private to public, inner self to the outer self. This is an active movement that only a living creature can participate in.

Op 14 en 15 mei is de installatie onderdeel van de Goudse Keramiekdagen.